Countdown to Texas VegFest!

Texas VegFest 2013 flyerWe’re really excited to go to Texas VegFest this year! This vegan extravaganza takes place on Saturday, April 6 at Fiesta Gardens in east Austin. Texas VegFest Director, Adrienne Lusk, says the event will draw in around 5,000 attendees for a host of activities, vendors, speakers, cooking demos, and of course, great food and live music. What’s a vegan not to love?

One important thing to note about this event is that it’s been a grassroots, volunteer-driven effort by very dedicated activists. The Austin vegan community has helped improve and support vegan dining options around town, which has made Austin one of the top veg-friendly cities in the country. We applaud them for their many hours of hard work to organize Texas VegFest for the second year in a row!

While I expect to see lots of my vegan friends there, this welcoming event will attract veg-curious and omnivore folks as well. It’s a perfect event for anyone considering going vegan or reducing their consumption of meat and/or dairy because of the impressive list of local businesses that will be there selling their vegan fare. I know the major question people have when they go vegan is, what the heck will I eat? Texas VegFest will give you lots of yummy options and food for thought to help people think through their dietary choices. I suggest inviting a friend of yours who is not vegan to this event — it could really have an impact!


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