We started with party plants

As new homeowners, Miranda and I have a goal of making our yard look nice. We realize it will take years of work, money, and patience to have a luscious yard but we’re ok with taking things slow. You learn to appreciate it more when the change doesn’t happen overnight. My appreciation of plants has been influenced by a couple of important people in my life: My dad, who has an amazing yard to fulfill his love of plants. He’s known as the “green thumb” of the family. Also, my best friend since 7th grade, James (“Jim”) who’s a plant scientist and gives me a plant lesson every time we hang out. Hanging out with him is like hearing a podcast on horticulture — he’s that passionate and knowledgeable about it. Since I feel like there’s such expertise I lack — everything from shopping for plants to choosing the plants to planting the plants — it feels like a lot of work. But I’m a big fan of bright colors, especially magenta. I could never get tired of magenta. So it was easy for me to pick the plants we wanted to start with: Cordyline, aka the party plant.

Gardening wouldn’t be complete without these silly hipster gloves!
hipster gloves

Here’s how the cactus bed looked before we started:

before garden pic

And here’s what it looked like after planting the Cordylines!

after garden pic


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