Daniela and Miranda

Daniela and Miranda

Welcome to our blog, North Austin Vegans. We started this blog so we could share stories and document new things that excite, inspire, or concern us. We see the blog as a fun way to connect with like-minded people and to share tidbits of our experience. We’ll blog about food, restaurants, places, activism, art, our pets Pickles and Lilies, hobbies, and whatever else we feel like. In case you’re curious, we’re lovers. Surprisingly, we met through OkCupid in 2011 and soon realized that we wanted to spend our lives together. 6 months ago we bought our home in North central Austin, so we’re trying to explore things in and around our neighborhood. Time flies by when you’re feeling good.

Both of us are native Texans; Daniela is an Austin native and Miranda is from a town called Sherman. We’re both proud to live in Austin although we’ve lived in other places, including California, Indiana, and DC. Daniela went vegan about 9 years ago to end her contribution to factory farming and needless animal suffering. Miranda went vegan because she loves animals and being healthy.

So thanks for reading the blog. We’d also like to hear from you. Write us at northatxvegans@gmail.com.


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